Tomb Raider: Puzzle Paradox
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider: Puzzle Paradox)
  • PUBLISHER: Eidos Interactive
  • PLATFORM: Mobile (Java)
  • RELEASE DATE: July, 2006


Lara's back, and this time she's faced with her most taxing adventure to date. The plucky explorer must use her logical skills to complete a series of addictive puzzles based on the Tomb Raider: Legend story.  During this journey she will encounter deadly traps, darkened tombs and complex ancient locking mechanisms; all of which must be tackled under severe time constraints.

In Trapped Lara must manoeuvre gems in order to disarm the surrounding traps and continue. Each quad should contain one of each colour gem, as should each row and column.
Illumination places the adventurer in a darkened tomb; Lara must manipulate light using splitters, double sided mirrors and teleports in order to light the way ahead.
Finally, The Vault is a complicated ancient lock which must be deciphered. Match either colour or symbol to that of the centre rune to disperse each rune to its corresponding storage sphere and solve the puzzle.

Tomb Raider: Puzzle Paradox

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