Tomb Raider (2018)
Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft (Tomb Raider [2018])
  • DIRECTOR: Roar Uthaug
  • WRITERS: Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Alastair Siddons, Evan Daugherty
  • STARRING: Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu
  • COMPOSER: Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL)
  • RELEASE DATE: March, 2018
  • DISTRIBUTOR: Warner Bros. Pictures


Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) is the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer (Dominic West) who vanished when she was scarcely a teen. Now a young woman of 21 without any real focus or purpose, Lara navigates the chaotic streets of trendy East London as a bike courier, barely making the rent, and takes college courses, rarely making it to class. Determined to forge her own path, she refuses to take the reins of her father’s global empire just as staunchly as she rejects the idea that he's truly gone. Advised to face the facts and move forward after seven years without him, even Lara can't understand what drives her to finally solve the puzzle of his mysterious death.

Going explicitly against his final wishes, she leaves everything she knows behind in search of her dad's last-known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan. But her mission will not be an easy one; just reaching the island will be extremely treacherous. Suddenly, the stakes couldn't be higher for Lara, who - against the odds and armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith and inherently stubborn spirit - must learn to push herself beyond her limits as she journeys into the unknown. If she survives this perilous adventure, it could be the making of her, earning her the name Tomb Raider.


Alicia Vikander - Lara Croft
Dominic West
- Richard Croft
Walton Goggins - Mathias Vogel
Daniel Wu
- Lu Ren
Kristin Scott Thomas
- Ana Miller
Derek Jacobi - Mr. Yaffe
Hannah John-Kamen - Sophie
Nick Frost - Allen
Jaime Winstone - Pamela
Emily Carey - Young Lara (14 Years Old)
Maisy De Freitas - Younger Lara


  • The plot is loosely based on the 2013 reboot of the video game series, Tomb Raider. It also shares some minor elements of Crystal Dynamics' sequel game, Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  • Alicia Vikander put on a lot of muscle to play Lara, as she wanted the character to be as realistic as possible and also did some of her own stunts.
  • When Lara enters for the first time in the Croft Holdings, the Piano Concerto in F Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach is playing. The same melody played in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider when Lara is exercising with bungee cords in her home.
  • The brown leather belt worn by Lara is from the old (pre-1999) uniform of The Boys' Brigade, a British voluntary youth organization.
  • Lara's mother was originally called Lindsey (as seen in the first trailer). It was changed to Amelia for the final cut.
  • Behind the scenes clips have shown Lara riding her motorbike outside the Croft Manor, but the bike has been replaced by a Volvo XC40 in the final cut for advertising purposes.

DVD & Blu-ray Extras

  • Lara Croft: Evolution Of An Icon
    Explore the revolutionary Tomb Raider saga from video games to movies, and discover how Lara Croft became one of the most popular and successful female characters of all time.
  • Croft Training
    Enter the gym with Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander as she prepares for the most physically demanding role of her career and transforms into the iconic action hero Lara Croft.
  • Tomb Raider: Uncovered
    (The only extra on the DVD!)
    The cast and crew of Tomb Raider reveal the challenges - and the fun - of bringing Lara Croft's thrilling adventures to life for a new generation.
  • Breaking Down The Rapids
    Join director Roar Uthaug as he and other members of the cast and crew break down the film's most exciting action set piece.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

01. Return To Croft Manor
02. Seeking Endurance
03. The Bag
04. Path Of Paternal Secrets
05. The Devil's Sea
06. Let Yamatai Have Her
07. Figure In The Night
08. Remember This
09. Never Give Up
10. Karakuri Wall
11. What Lies Underneath Yamatai
12. There's No Time
13. Becoming The Tomb Raider
14. The Croft Legacy


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