Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask)


default Tomb Raider II Updater & Golden Mask Installer (Steam & GOG)

For Steam and versions.


  • New audio solution: solves music issues!
  • 'Golden Mask' (TRII Gold) can be installed.
  • 'Lara's Home' option has been enabled in Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask.
  • "Controls" option item in the 'Floating Islands' level has been fixed.
  • Level textures cleanup: fixes little errors like dead pixels.
  • Marco Bartoli wears his scarf on the title screen.
  • Updated *.dll files for FMV videos.
  • DirectDraw fix in Software Mode (256 colors)
  • Deletes rubbish files for optimize the installation.
  • Copyright and trademark notices and warning images have been replaced by Square Enix logo.

Created by SuiKaze Raider, b122251 and Michael87.

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