Hero Wars x Tomb Raider Crossover

Hero Wars x Tomb Raider Crossover

Unified Lara Croft is back with yet another exclusive collaboration! Our favourite archaeologist has joined Hero Wars: Alliance (on iOS and Android) and Hero Wars: Dominion Era (for browsers) for a limited time. Group up with the Guardians in the fantasy world Dominion to fight against the forces of Archdemon and other villains.

From today until 26th of May Lara Croft makes a special guest appearance in the free-to-play online idle RPG fantasy game as a new Hero during the special event "The Mystery of Dominion"!

Join the event to unlock Lara in 3 different Skins, сollect Artifacts and Soul Stones to help her explore the new world! Use her iconic dual pistols or bow, rely on her wits, knowledge of ancient artefacts and unmatched combat skills!


First of all you will need to reach team level 15 to be able to participate in the event and to enter the adventure map itself.
After completing the first mission on the adventure map, you get Lara Croft with one star. You also get two of her skins for missions two and three. The adventure map has 26 missions. Complete them one by one to progress further and open the whole map. In each adventure mission, you fight monsters or explore dungeons, uncovering Lara Croft's story in Dominion along the way.
You can purchase Lara Croft's Soul Stones, fragments of her first artifact, and her Talisman in the event shop.
Lara Croft's Doppelganger skin, more of her Soul Stones, and fragments of her first artifact are available in special offers.

Lara will get three Skins (Antarctica outfit from Tomb Raider III, Diving skin and the Doppelganger herself from Tomb Raider: Underworld)  — two of them will be unlocked right after you summon her! Those two Skins will be giving twice as many stats as regular skins, requiring twice as many Skin Stones for leveling! The third Skin will not provide any bonus stats but will be an exclusive and purely cosmetic one, so be sure to check it out!

Lara will also receive the unique "Expedition Expert" Talent, which will triple her Expedition power and allow you to complete an additional Expedition once per day, guaranteed to reward you with parts of Red artifacts! This Talent is unlocked when Lara Croft reaches the Red rank.

The Skins will help you make your new Heroine even more powerful and her unique Talent will let you get even more resources during your daily Expeditions!

(FYI: The event is the only time you will be able to get the new Skins and Lara Croft's Soul Stones, they will be no longer available once the adventure is over. But for those who will summon Lara Croft during the event, there will be a way to get Lara Croft's Soul Stones and Evolve her even after the end of the event.)

Lara also has Ascension Skills:

  • Power of the Sacred Tombs on Ascension Rank II: If Lara Croft lands a critical hit, the next basic attack will fire 4 shots instead of 2.
  • Absolute Critical Thinking on Ascension Rank V: While the ability is active Lara Croft will land critical hits against stunned enemies.


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